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Message from the Commander

Warriors and Families of Fort Riley`s
Warrior Transition Battalion

As the Commander of the WTB I would like to say, “Welcome” to the Fort Riley Warrior Transition Battalion. My staff and I look forward to the opportunity to help you through your healing and transition process. Our mission is to establish conditions for healing and promote the timely return to the force or transition to a productive Veteran within you Community.

We hope during your stay here, that you take time to tour historical Fort Riley. There are many attractions available to Warriors and their Families, including the Custer House and US Calvary museums. Fort Riley also offers state of the art fitness centers, an 18 hole golf course, library, car care center, car wash, and eating establishments. There are also many events provided for the Warriors in Transition and their Families by the Battalion at no charge. These events range from Concerts, sporting events, children’s activities and so much more.

Contact Numbers

Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB)
Commander(785) 240-7212
Executive Office (XO)(785) 240-7196
CSM(785) 239-7850
BN Contact Representative(785) 240-7142
S-5 / RSOI(785) 240-7179
Family Support(785) 239-7110
Finance Chief(785) 240-7256
S-1 / Human Resources(785) 240-7125
Chaplain(785) 240-7176
RES / NG Liaison(785) 240-7181
CQ Desk(785) 240-5144

WTB - Alpha Company
Commander(785) 239-8479
1SG(785) 239-8494
XO(785) 239-8490

WTB - Bravo Company
Commander(785) 240-7144
1SG(785) 240-7161
XO(785) 240-7143

Army Warrior Transition Crest
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