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Industrial Hygiene conducts site visits in the workplace; performs health-hazard inventories of chemical, physical, and biological hazards; and makes recommendations to eliminate hazards. IH will determine your need for and monitor the usage of personal protective equipment (PPE). When working conditions or operations change, request that your supervisor contact Industrial Hygiene, Department of Public Health at (785) 239-7323 for a workplace re-evaluation.


Services Provided:


  • Industrial Hygiene Surveys
    • Industrial Hygiene Surveys- Periodic workplace assessments performed to assess any known or potential workplace hazards.
  • Ergonomic Assessments
    • We will evaluate potential ergonomic risk factors present in your workplace. Survey includes design review of your workspace and additional recommendations in order to minimize employee discomfort, limit the risk of injury, and maximize productivity.
  • Respirator Fit Testing
    • We support the respiratory protection program by providing respirator fit testing.  Certain workplace environments require the use of respirators to protect the employee.  Fit testing is conducted to determine the quality of the seal between a respirator and the employee’s face.  If you are fitted for a respirator, you must notify your supervisor to ensure the appropriate model and size of respirator is available for you at all times.
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Surveys
    • We can perform IAQ investigations in your work area upon request. IH staff utilizes specialized instruments to analyze the air for the presence of potential indoor air contaminants. Survey includes general measurement of a variety of indoor air parameters such as temperature, humidity, ozone, total volatile organic compounds, and other gases. Ventilation measurements and sampling for other parameters, such as physical agents, can also be included in the scope of some IAQ investigations.
  • Radiation Exposure Monitoring
    • Exposure assessment performed for personnel potentially exposed to ionizing radiation.
  • Noise Exposure Assessment
    • Survey performed to evaluate and quantify the potential occupational exposure to hazardous noise levels.  Survey results are utilized to determine the required hearing protection and for enrollment into the Army Hearing Program.
  • Illumination Testing
    • Assessment performed in work areas to determine if the lighting in a workspace is appropriate for the task.
  • Asbestos and Lead Management
    • We perform sampling for materials suspected to contain lead and asbestos upon your request. Bulk and air samples can be collected by IH personnel from areas with potential presence of these materials.
  • Ventilation Assessments
    • Surveys performed to ensure that engineering controls are performing in accordance to design specifications and are effectively controlling the exposure to chemical/physical hazards.
  • Training
    • Industrial Hygiene can conduct a variety of training on various workplace safety and health topics such as Respiratory Protection, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Ergonomics, Confined Space, Hazardous Materials, Laser Safety and Radiation Safety.


Chief, Industrial Hygiene


Monday - Friday: 8 am - 4 pm

Closed on federal holidays and selected training holidays



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