1st Infantry Division Crest
Irwin Army Community Hospital Crest
Irwin Army Community Hospital Fort Riley, Kansas

The "Big Red One" Hospital


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Portrait of COL John Melton, Hospital Commander.

COL John Melton

Hospital Commander

Portrait of CSM Rebecca Booker, Hospital Command Sergeant Major.

CSM Rebecca Booker

Command Sergeant Major

Irwin Army Community Hospital Leadership


Portrait of COL Donald Robinson, Hospital Deputy Commander for Health Readiness.

COL Donald Robinson

Director for Health Readiness

Portrait of LTC Scott Neuser, Hospital Deputy Commander for Patient Services.

LTC Scott Neuser

Director for Patient Services

Portrait of LTC Bethany McCormick, Hospital Deputy Commander for Nursing Services.

LTC Bethany McCormick

Assistant Director for Nursing Services

Portrait of COL MacDougall, Hospital Chief Nursing Officer.

COL Mark MacDougall

Chief Nursing Officer

COL Mario Caycedo

Chief Medical Officer

Portrait of COL Mario Caycedo, Hospital Chief Medical Officer.

LTC Donald Sexton

Deputy Commander for Administration

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LTC Suzanne Holbrook

Director for Medical Services

Portrait of Mr. Reyn Mosier, Hospital Deputy Commander for Quality and Safety.

Mr. Reyn Mosier

Deputy Commander for Quality & Safety