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At Fort Riley pharmacies you can expect to be greeted by knowledgeable pharmacists and pharmacy technicians dedicated to serving the Big Red One community. They serve 50,000 beneficiaries and dispense 450,000 outpatient prescriptions each year. Customers can depend on their pharmacist to be a healthcare and

information resource center.


When picking up prescriptions, customers must have a military ID card for all patients ages 10 years and older. A photocopy or a digital copy (front and back) of the ID card may be used. Pharmacies accept electronic prescriptions from providers outside of Fort Riley.


IACH pharmacies accept electronic prescriptions from providers outside of Fort Riley.



Consult a Clinical Pharmacist

Patients can request a consultation with a clinical pharmacist by calling (785) 239-DOCS (3627) for a polypharmacy appointment.


Drop-Off Box & Schedule

A drop off option is available. Patients can fill out a prescription drop-off request form and drop it in the box located in the pharmacy lobbies of the Main Hospital and Farrelly Clinic. Patients will need to pull a refill ticket from the kiosk for pick up.


Drop-Off Schedule:


  • Drop off by 10 am...Pick up by noon
  • Drop off between 10 am - 1 pm...Pick up between 3 - 6 pm
  • Drop off after 1 pm...Pick up after 9 am the following business day


Medication Disposal

MedSafe is a disposal system for unused and expired medications. The system prevents

pharmaceuticals from circulating into community water supplies.


The MedSafe receptacle is located in the IACH Outpatient Pharmacy lobby and available for use Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 6 pm; and Saturday, 10 am - 2 pm. Please do not place needles, medical waste, batteries, hazardous materials, inhalers, nor illegal drugs in this receptacle.


Pharmacy Formulary

A formulary is a list of prescription drugs, both generic and brand name, used by prescribers to identify drugs that are currently authorized and available. A committee of providers and pharmacists maintain and update the formulary quarterly.


Patients and providers can view the Fort Riley local formulary here to determine if a medication is on the local formulary. If not, a non-formulary drug request should be submitted. If the provider can establish medical necessity, and the non-formulary drug request is approved, the pharmacy will order the medication and contact the beneficiary.


For information about the TRICARE Formulary or medications covered, visit the Defense Health Agency web site. A search tool for the TRICARE Formulary is available at the Express-Scripts web site.


Home Delivery Option

With TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery, picking up your prescriptions is as easy as picking up your mail since maintenance medications are delivered right to your home. Get up to a 90-day supply of your long-term medicines. Enjoy free standard shipping and free formulary generic medicines. Automatic refills make sure you never run out of your medicine.


Create an account with Express-Scripts online. You can also download the mobile app at this link.

Or call 877-363-1296 and have your prescription bottle handy. We recommend having a 30-day supply of medication on hand while your first order is processed.


About the Pharmacy Team

Irwin Army Community Hospital’s Department of Pharmacy is made up of a team of dedicated healthcare workers composed of Registered Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, Administrative and Supply Management personnel, and Red Cross volunteers. This cohesive team is dispersed throughout IACH’s patient care areas rendering pharmaceutical services to both inpatient and ambulatory patients.


IACH’s pharmacy has a broad array of available pharmaceuticals called a formulary. Our formulary is routinely reviewed and updated to add and remove drugs so as to better serve our patients for their treatment needs. If you have a special medication need that is not covered by the formulary, please inquire about your available options.


IACH Pharmacy is focused on patient safety, working with patients for improved health and well-being through information and education. Your pharmacy staff’s main role is to provide information about your medications, including:


  • the purpose of your prescription
  • making sure you know how to take or use your medication
  • explaining common side effects


The pharmacy team is dedicated to work with you to ensure your best possible health.


Main Outpatient Pharmacy


650 Huebner Road, Fort Riley


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PX Pharmacy


2210 Trooper Drive, Fort Riley


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Farrelly Health Clinic Pharmacy


8072 Normandy Drive, Fort Riley


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Flint Hills Medical Home Pharmacy


623 Southwind Drive, Junction City


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Irwin Army Community Hospital Fort Riley, Kansas The "Big Red One" Hospital
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