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National Resources
American Association for the Deaf(202) 337-5220
American Association on Mental Retardation(800) 424-3688
American Council of the Blind(800) 424-8666
American Diabetes Association(800) 404-2873
American Foundation for the Blind(800) AF-BLIND
American Heart Association(214) 748-7212
American Kidney Foundation(800) 638-8299
American Lung Association(800) 432-3957
American Paralysis Association Spinal Cord Injury Hotline(800) 526-3456
American Printing House/Blind (800) 233-1839
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)(800) 638-8255
The ARC(800) 433-5255
Arthritis Foundation(404) 872-7100
Assistive Technology for Kansas(800) KAN-DOIT
Attention Deficit Information Network, Inc.(617) 455-9895
Autism Hotline(304) 525-8014
Autism Society of America(800) 3-AUTISM
Beach Center on Families & Disability(785) 864-7600
Better Hearing Institute Capper Foundation(800) 424-8576
Captioned Films for the Deaf(800) 237-6213
CHADD (Children with Attention Deficit Disorder)(305) 587-3700
Child Abuse Hotline(800) 422-4453
Cleft Palate Foundation(800) 24-CLEFT
Council of the Blind(800) 424-8666
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (800) FLIGHT-CP
Diabetes Association(800) 232-3472
Down Syndrome Congress (800) 221-4602
Easter Seal Society (800) 221-6827
Epilepsy Foundation of America(800) 332-1000
ERIC (Educational Resource Information Center)(800) 999-5599
Family Connection(800) 854-4938
Families Together(800) 264-6343
Foundation for the Blind(800) 232-5463
Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc.(800) 548-4337
Head Injury Foundation(800) 444-NHIF
Health Infonnation Clearing House(800) 336-4794
Health Resource Center(800) 54-HEATH
Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youth / Adults(516) 944-8900
Job Accommodation Network(800) 526-7234
Job Opportunities for the Blind(800) 638-7518
Kansas Advocacy & Protective Services (KAPS)(800) 432-8276
Kansas Alliance for Mentally Ill(800) 539-6660
Kansas Child/ Adolescent Services(800) 332-6262
Kansas Commission for the Deaf Hard of Hearing(800) 432-0698
Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns(800) 295-KCDC
Kansas In-service Training System (KITS)(800) 362-0390
Kansas Lawyer Referral Service(800) 432-3593
Kansas Planning Council on DD(800) 624-4530
Kansas Rehabilitation Services(800) 432-2326
Kansas Society for Crippled Child(800) 624-4530
Kansas State Board of Education(800) 203-9462
Keys for Networking(800) 499-8732
LDA (Learning Disabilities Associates)(412) 341-1515
Learning Disabilities Network(617) 340-5605
Make A Difference Network(800) 332-6262
March of Dimes(816) 561-0175
MAYO Clinic(800) 291-1128
Metabolic Information(800) 945-2188
MUMS (Mothers United for Moral Support, Inc.)(414) 336-5333
Muscular Dystrophy Association(800) 529-2000
National Alliance of Blind Students(800) 424-8666
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI)(800) 950-6264
National Association of the Deaf(301) 587-1788
National Association for the Visually Handicapped(212) 889-3141
National Association Parents ofVisually Impaired(800) 562-6265
National Braille Press(617) 266-6160
National Center for Learning Disabilities(212) 545-7510
National Down Syndrome Congress(800) 232-NDSC
National Down Syndrome Society(800) 221-4602
National Easter Seal Society(890) 221-6827
National Federation of the Blind(410) 659-9314
National Foundation for the Blind(301) 659-9314
National Health Information Center(800) 336-4797
National Hearing Aid Society(800) 521-5247
National Information Center (infants with disabilities and life threatening conditions)(800) 922-9234
National Alliance Blind(800) 638-7518
National Information Center Handicapped Children/Youth (NICHCY)(800) 695-0285
National Infomlation Center for Orphan Drugs & Rare Disorders(800) 456-3505
National Information Center on Deafness(202) 651-5051
National Institute/Dyslexia(304) 652-0942
National Mental Health Association(703) 684-7722
National MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society(800) LEARN-MS
Network of Learning Disabled Adults(602) 941-5112
National Organization/Disability(800) 248-ABLE
National Organization of Rare Disorders(800) 999-NORD
National Parent to Parent Support & Infontlation System(800) 651-1151
National Association ParentsNisual(800) 638-8255
National Rehabilitation Inform Center(800) 34-NARIC
National Spinal Cord Injury Association(800) 962-9629
Orton Dyslexia Society(301) 296-0232
Paralysis Association(800) 225-1292
Parent Hotline(800) 332-6378
Parent Support Group(814) 734-5610
Recordings for the Blind, Inc.(800) 221-4792
Self-Help Network of Kansas(800) 445-0116
Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc. (SHHH)(800) 657-2248
Society Security Administration(800) 772-1213
Specialized Training of Military Parents(800) 298-3543
Speech Needs CT(800) 833-3232
Spina Bifida Association of America(800) 621-3141
Talking Book Program (Kansas)(800) 362-0699
TASH ( The Association for Severe Handicaps)(206) 361-8870
The Association of Birth Defect (ABDC)(800) 336-GENE
Tourette Syndrome Association(800) 237-0717
Tripod (Information & Referral)(800) 2-TRIPOD
United Cerebral Palsy (UCP)(800) USA-1UCP
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