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Frequently Asked Questions
Prior to Delivery
What is a normal heart beat for my baby?
What are you measuring when you measure my tummy?
Am I going to get an ultrasound? How come my friend got an ultrasound and I didnít?
How far past my due date will you let me go?
I've had a prior cesarean section and I want to have another one. When will it be?
I'm not due for a several weeks/months but I'm having "Braxton-Hicks" contractions. That's ok, right?
I was told that unless I was bleeding more than a pad per hour, I shouldn't be concerned. Is that right?
How much weight am I supposed to gain during my pregnancy?

During Delivery
Am I going to have to get an episiotomy/cut?
Can we film the delivery?
How many people can I have in the delivery room?

After Delivery
How soon before I can breastfeed?
How long do I have to stay in the hospital after I deliver?
What if I have a c-section?
What happens if I deliver prematurely?

Phone Numbers
Clinic Phone
(785) 239-7794
Labor & Deliver
(785) 239-7164

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