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Irwin Army Community Hospital provides for the pharmaceutical needs of over 60,000 eligible beneficiaries. More than 1,500 medications appear on our formulary. We fill an average of 2,000 new and refill prescriptions daily.

Come visit the IACH Pharmacy at the new PX shopping complex!
Who can use it?
Everyone eligible to utilize the Hospital Pharmacy

What are the hours?
Monday - Friday (including Training Holidays): 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Closed weekends and federal holidays.

What services will be available?
All regular outpatient Pharmacy prescriptions and self-care medication for Card Holders

All Special Order medications need to be picked up Irwin Army Community Hospital and refills can be called into any other location.

Tips for faster service
  • New prescriptions are given priority over refills
  • Unforeseen problems, such as uncertain directions for use or missing information, may increase waiting time.
  • During the period 1100 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. hours, pharmacy personnel alternate lunch breaks, increasing the waiting time.
  • Request that your Health Care Provider allow generic substitution.
  • Call the Automated telephone service at 239-7427 for refills

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What Patient Indentification is needed during a visit to the Pharmacy?
    Per Army Regulation AR 600-8-14, Section 6-8, a valid photo ID (photocopy is acceptable) must be presented for any patient over 10 years of age.
  • How do you handle Maintenance Medication Prescriptions?
    We will provide up to a 90-day supply of most maintenance drugs, according to the quantities the prescriber specifies. In some cases, supply availability may limit quantities we can provide. Maintenance medications are defined as medications which patients have been using and tolerating for 90 days or more. Non-maintenance medications are medications which patients have been using for less than 90 days.
  • Do you fill Controlled substances?
    Controlled substances are refillable at Irwin Army Community Hospital within federal guidelines. All such refills must be obtained within six months (180 days) of the original date the prescription was written.
  • What happens if I am unavailable to pick up my medications right away?
    Medications not picked up within seven days will be returned to stock after one week on the shelf. (If you are unable to come in within seven days, please call us to hold your medications until a specific date).

New system in PX Pharmacy improves flow

    Changes to pharmacy procedures and improved automation equipment are improving service and wait times, but patients may have to adjust to the new systems and procedures.

    The Q-Flow system at the Post Exchange pharmacy and main pharmacy at Irwin Army Community Hospital use a ticketing system that already was in place at Farrelly Health Clinic.

    Patients arrive at the pharmacy and choose one of four options for a ticket - new, self-care, pick-up or refills.

    "We’ve never had a ticketing system before," said Amy Gonzales, lead technician at the PX pharmacy.

    The television screen on the wall shows the queue of customers, and the N, S, P or R in front of the number indicates which type of ticket the customer chooses.

    When the ticket number is called, the customer will step to the appropriate window to work with the pharmacy technician.

    To read more visit the April 14h edition of the The 1st Infartry Division Post`s article or click Here.

    Mail-order pharmacy provides value

    Irwin Army Community Hospital continually explores convenient options to enhance customer satisfaction in the pharmacy by encouraging patients to become active participants in their health care.

    "Mail order prescription service is a good option for people who live outside the commuting distance of Fort Riley, especially when considering the increase in gas prices," said Maj. Jimmy Lee, IACH pharmacy chief.

    Those interested in the service can contact their provider to write a new prescription to receive up to a three-month supply with authorized refills for up to one year by mail.

    After following the enrollment procedures, patients have two options to initiate mail-order prescription refills:

    * Option 1: Mail the order
    • Complete the new patient mail order form (visit
    • Attach your prescriptions to the order form
    • Mail the new patient mail order form and your prescriptions to:
    • Express Scripts, Inc.
    • P.O. Box 52150
    • Phoenix, AZ 85072-9954
    * Option 2: Fax the order
    • Complete the new patient mail order form
    • Ask your provider to fax the new patient order form and your written prescriptions to 1-877-895-1900 (faxes are not accepted for controlled medications)
    To refill prescriptions by phone, call 785-239-PHAR (7427). IACH instituted a policy Feb. 1 requiring all refills to be requested by phone or online.

    To read more visit the April 7th edition of the The 1st Infartry Division Post`s article or click Here.

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Phone Numbers
IACH Main Pharmacy
Refill Pharmacy Line
(785)239-PHAR (7427)
PX Pharmacy
Farrelly Health Clinic (FHC)
CTMC Pharmacy

Hours of Operation
IACH Main Pharmacy
Monday thru Friday: 0800-1800
Training Holidays: 0800-1630
Closes weekends and Federal Holidays

PX Pharmacy
Monday thru Friday: 0900-1800
Training Holidays: 0900-1800
Closes weekends and Federal Holidays
* Processes New Outside Civilian Prescriptions

CTMC Pharmacy
Monday thru Friday: 0730-1630
Training Holidays: 0730-1630
Closes weekends and Federal Holidays
***This location is temporarily closed; re-open date to be determined***

Farrelly Health Clinic (FHC)
Monday thru Friday: 0730-1630
Training Holidays: 0730-1630
Closes weekends and Federal Holidays

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