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Interservice Physician Assistant Program

Interservice Physician Assistant Program Mission: To provide the uniformed services with highly competent, compassionate physician assistants who model integrity, strive for leadership excellence, and are committed to lifelong learning.

Interservice Physician Assistant Program Vision: To be recognized as the world-class leader in Physician Assistant education.


WELCOME to the Interservice Physician Assistant Program (IPAP) Phase 2 IACH Portal

On behalf of the Commander and staff at Irwin Army Community Hospital, we welcome you to the Phase 2 Physician Assistant training at Fort Riley. As your coordinators, we are responsible for your administrative support and ensuring that clinical preceptors provide appropriate clinical training. This training will allow you to build the skills necessary for your physician assistant credentials. To ensure your success as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army Medical Specialist Corps, you will receive training in your responsibilities and duties as an officer and as a clinician who is responsible for the healthcare of America's fighting force. The quality of education and experience you will receive is directly correlated to the effort you put forth. The baseline of our commitment at IACH is the highest quality healthcare, maximizing the medical readiness and deployability of the force. Ensuring the readiness of Irwin personnel, and sustaining exceptional education and training programs. Our vision is to be "The AMEDD's Premier Medical Team: Dedicated to Wellness and Inspiring Trust".

Click here to view the IACH IPAP Orientation Manual for 2013/2014.

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Interested in becoming a physician's assistant? Check out the U.S. Army Recruiting Command's information page on PAs.

Please take the opportunity to learn more about PAs and the PA profession on the American Academy of Physician Assistants' website.

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    Interservice Physician Assistant Program Mission:

    To provide the uniformed services with highly competent, compassionate physician assistants who model integrity, strive for leadership excellence, and are committed to lifelong learning.

    Interservice Physician Assistant Program Vision:

    To be recognized as the world-class leader in Physician Assistant education.

    The IACH IPAP Phase 2 Curriculum:

    This is a Master's Producing Physician Assistant program broken into 2 Phases. Phase 1 is conducted in San Antonio and Phase 2 is conducted at multiple military installations, the length is 55 weeks which includes a three-week orientation, one week for outprocessing, and four weeks of leave for each student (two weeks during the holidays and two additional weeks as requested by the student).

    This includes 2-3 weeks in-processing, personal and sick leave, and out-processing. Also during that time, students will rotate through a variety of specialty clinics in order to gain the knowledge and experiences needed to be a successful physician assistant.

    These include (but are not limited to):
    Course Rotation Weeks
    IPAP 700 Surgery 5
    IPAP 701 Dermatology 4
    IPAP 702 Obstetrics/Gynecology 4
    IPAP 703 Orthopedics/Podiatry 5/1
    IPAP 704 Psychiatry (Behavioral Health) 3
    IPAP 705 Internal Medicine/Neurology 6
    IPAP 706 Otolaryngology (ENT/Allergy) 4
    IPAP 707 Pediatrics 5
    IPAP 708 Ophthalmology 2
    IPAP 709 Emergency Medicine 2
    IPAP 710 Family Practice/Long Term Care 4/1
    IPAP 711 Clinical Elective of Choice 2
    Mandatory Elective (Radiology) 1
    IPAP 712 Directed Study
    1.Master Paper (Phase 1 Grade
    2.Professional Topic Presentation
    3.Medical Topic Presentation
    4.Master Oral Presentation
    5.Professional Attributes
    Performed Procedures ≥ 120
    ER Hours (evening/weekend) ≥ 160 hours
    Patients Encounters ≥ 1200 hours

    Master's Paper and Presentation Requirements
    Each student is required to present their master's thesis prior to graduation. They will be mentored by a subject-matter-expert based on their thesis topic. The mentor will also be available when the student presents their thesis. The purpose of this activity is to identify a research question that the student can further develop by investigating current and relevant literature. By using evidence-based medicine, the student will be able to apply and share what they learned which improves their written and verbal communication skills. This project allows the student to collaborate with a mentor and share their knowledge to leaders and peers. They will also enhance their critical thinking skills based on their presentation to a panel of experts which will further broaden their ability to communicate their chosen topic.

    Student evaluations are based on the PA competencies Competencies FINAL

    1. Will I be on Call?
    PA students are required to take call during certain rotations. You must return all pages within 5 minutes and report to the ER within 30 minutes. Keep this in mind when searching for a place to live. Rule of thumb is if your preceptor takes call, so will you.

    2. What Can I expect durning my rotations at IACH?
    You can expect to be mentored by highly qualified and subject-matter-expert physicians or physician assistants during your rotations.

    You can expect to be mentored by Army physician assistants in your role as a future physician assistant, officer and leader.

    3. What is expected of me during my rotations at IACH?
    You are expected to maintain your military professionalism by arriving on time, improving you clinical skills by studying, and developing relationships with your peers, leaders and subordinates. You are expected to adhere to the army values (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage). Based on your master's thesis topic, you will have a mentor selected for you who will assist you and be available to evaluate your master's presentation.

    You are expected to communicate with the program coordinator in a timely manner regarding any professional or personal issues that affect your education and military service.

    4. I have a family; will I have time to see them?
    In contrast to Phase 1 where you had a set schedule of your classes, during Phase 2, you are given your clinical rotation schedule and you are expected to wisely manage your time independently. It is imperative that you include family time during your time management. However, this time should not impede on your clinical duties and requirements as a student. We highly encourage you to spend as much time possible with your family.

    5. What do I need to bring with me in order to be prepared for my clinical rotations?
    You will need your own stethoscope upon arrival to IACH. We also recommend that you have at a minimum Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia and the Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy. You must also have pair of shoes/clogs dedicated for use at the hospital while wearing scrubs. You will be issued lab coats. Scrubs are available in all surgical areas. Personally owned scrubs are not authorized.

    6. How am I graded durning Phase 2?
    Each course requires a minimum overall grade of 75%. Rotation grade equates to 75%, while the didactic test equates to 25% of the grade. All rotational evaluations/grades/clinical critiques will be posted online at

    7. Is it stressful in Phase 2?
    Yes. You will experience stress during your training but you should never be suffering from stress. Stress awareness, prevention and management are the key throughout your military career and your life. Take care of yourself and each other. Be aware of the warning signs and risk factors. Seek help from local medical treatment facility (MTF), chaplain, supervisor and each other.

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