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Travel documents


Required Documents Before Travel


  • TRICARE Authorization for Specialty Care appointment
  • Appointment confirmation from treating facility
  • If non medical attendant is required, a signed letter from referring physician (initial appointment only)  stating  the medical necessity for an NMA. For all follow up appointments, a validation  letter stating a continued medical necessity requesting an NMA is required from the treating  physician.


Patient Travel Office Issues Authorizations


  • Memorandum for travel to and from treating facility
  • Non medical attendant, if determined a medical necessity by referring physician
  • Rental vehicle, if necessary
  • Counseling Checklist – Will receive from patient travel clerk when receiving authorization memos. (Document will be uploaded in Defense Travel System when submitting voucher).


Required Documents After Travel


  • Confirmation of Specialty Care Form or an appointment validation letter from the treating facility signed by a provider/facility representative indicating the appointment was kept (must include office letterhead with address, phone number, and signature block)
  • Paid itemized meals receipts
  • Paid toll receipts
  • Paid itemized lodging receipts, if applicable. Lodging receipts must be in patient’s name  to be reimbursed. Should a NMA travel with patient, paid itemized lodging receipts must be in NMA’s name. All shared expenses can only be claimed by one traveler, including shared lodging.
  • If pre-authorized, paid itemized rental vehicle receipt -- only compact-sized vehicle is reimbursable.




Completed forms must be sent to the Travel network email address: or presented to Patient Travel Office for processing.



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Travel Documents




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Irwin Army Community Hospital Fort Riley, Kansas The "Big Red One" Hospital
Irwin Army Community Hospital